Friday, 20 May 2011

I love breastfeeding

I love breastfeeding. I think it is completely wonderful.

It hasn't come easy this time. Immali has a maxillary labial frenulum tie. This means her top lip is too well attached to her top gum. Her frenelum comes down and attached around at the back of her top gum. It makes create a proper attachement incredibly hard and feeding is often painful and time consuming. I have to attach and reattach her until we get it right.

She has enough movement to not need surgery and so until she grows we just need to perservere. She makes odd noises while she feeds and sucks in a little air creating terribly sore tummies and lots of burping. Middle of the night feeds are exhausting and take me several hours. But I know breastmilk is the best for her and so together we will persevere and learn how to do this right.

I know these hard times will pass, as they did with Nanuq who I discovered had this same problem. I didn't know he had it till now.

What I am loving though is how my boys view breastfeeding. I love them watching and learning me and knowing they will carry this knowledge into adulthood. I pray they will be wonderful support to their wives one day.

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