Monday, 3 October 2011

Face paint

Turns out my precious boys are allergic to face paint. Awesome :(.

They are sensitive to many/most/all artificial chemicals so I really should not be surprised. I really in hindsight should not have let them do it. But I thought the sensory experience would be wonderful for Igloo, and just plain all round fun for all of us. Facepainting is super fun right?

Well it is not for us. It turns them into feral little ferals. Unable to control their emotions, unable to control their fists. No they were not exposed to any other unsual food or chemicals. It was the facepaint. I gave them headaches, it messed with the connections in their brain causing malfunction. Like a computer with a virus nothing works right until the foreign being is gone.

I am feeling so incredibly upset for them. Just one more thing to the list of activities and foods they cannot participate in. I know they have a great life and there are alternatives for most things. A life without facepaint really is nothing massive in the scheme of life, but for now it feels massive and tragic.

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