Saturday, 21 April 2018

Days to maturity yin yang bean

I grew some Yin Yang beans this year, they are a dried bean that is one of the most beautiful beans ever. 

Days to maturity Yin Yang Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Seeds planted       27/10/2017       Day 0
Germinated           05/11/2017       Day 9
Flowered              13/12/2017       Day 47
Harvest start         03/02/2018       Day 99 - this is for dry beans, green beans would have been significantly earlier

Yin Yang beans days to maturity

Yin yang beans days to harvest
Yin Yang beans are a short bush bean that can be picked and eaten as a green bean but are more often grown as a dry bean.

Yin Yang beans are similar to but distinctly different from 'frost bean' which I have also grown in the past.  The 'frost bean' has a similar pattern but is maroon and white, the yin yang bean is black and white.  Far too many people sell frost beans and incorrectly name them yin yang beans, or they use both names for the same thing, even though they are different varieties.  Please never mix up the two as they are not the same.
Yin yang beans (NOT the same as 'Frost' beans)
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