Saturday, 11 February 2012


Mastitis is crap, it is a horrible horrible terrible infliction. It is caused by a blocked milk duct. The milk banking up behind this block is forced into the breast tissue causes inflamation. This then can very easily create infection. Horrible fevers, and complete body aches and shaking.

What you do not need whilst feeling like this is an utterly inept doctor. I was starting to feel bad so begged the medical centre for an appointment that day. Knowing I needed to feed Immali every time she wanted it to help clear the block I took her with me. Within two minutes of the doctors I am told to please next time bring a pram rather than wearing her in a sling. Why the red alert sirens did not ring in my ears screaming at me to walk back out I do not know.

I have never had such an awkward breast examination before. I cannot describe what was odd but it was odd. Then she doesn't know what to prescribe to me. Is unsure whether it is safe when breastfeeding so asks me to express and put Immali on formula. My answer was a flat out NO. I need my little girl to feed and feed like a trooper to make her mummy better.

I accepted the script, filled it at the chemist who assured me it was fine with breastfeeding. But I never took it. I just fed lots, drank lots of water, garlic pills and rested. Thankfully I think I skipped the infection. Being a friday it was great to have the antibiotics on hand over the weekend had things turned poorly.

My Dr count for this town is 4 with 4 crossed off my list. I am quick running out of GP options.

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