Sunday, 15 April 2012

I hate foxes

Last week we found the most beautiful cockatiel in our vegetable garden. After contacting the neighbours it become our new bird. Igloo named it K Air Puff. It was such a lovely friendly bird.

We had one day before we had to go away for a week, so I rushed around like mad and found a nice sized cage that we couldn't afford to keep her in. I spent far too long setting up a lovely home for her when I should have been packing.

We test the cage we get the kids to test the cage and it is steady and sturdy.

Fast forward to Saturday, the day before we get home from our trip. The day before K Air Puff would be in a safer position. And a bloody horrible nasty creature of a fox knocks his way into the cage. The poor terrified bird tried to escape and met its fate into foxes mouth.

So now we have a cage that we couldn't afford sitting empty without the money to fill this cage with a new bird.

I am so sick of these foxes. They come in the day time up to our back door. They walk up to Damien while he is outside. They get so close that he can kick them.

While it would be illegal to use fox poison without a license we did try and google a recipe. But apparently there is a cocktail called fox poison so we got no where. Thanks Mr Google :/

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