Saturday, 10 November 2012


Meet Daisy our very beautiful Jersey. Who apparently does not like us. She handled beautifully for her previous owners but wont let us touch her. This is a bit of an issue since we would like to milk her.

She is currently pregnant to her first calf, which is due in a few weeks. We are working intesively with her in the hope she will let us milk her. I am doubting she will.

Not to sure where to from here. Do we aim for another adult in milk or get ourselves a poddy calf to raise, so she will be very use to our property and being handled by us.

Hopefully we get to milk Daisy, as I cannot wait to be supplying our own raw milk.

1 comment:

  1. I'd try sitting with her in her area everyday....not attempting to touch her but letting her listen to you talk softly etc. Eventually she should come around especially if you sometimes have her fav food with you and hold it out to her :)
    This way worked with some farm animals I had as a kid.