Monday, 12 November 2012

Our first twins

We had our first twins born, such an exciting day. The perfect twins, one boy for dinner and one girl to replace mum.

They were great at birth, sitting up, walking around not long after. Following mum.

Day 2, not looking as great, wondering if we should catch them and take them off mum. But they are still running after her so would have been hard to catch. We make the decision to wait till the next day and see what is happening.

Day 3, I got to check on the and find the poor mum standing by her dead lambs. Poor little things, poor mummy sheep. It was just heart breaking and I felt terrible for not taking them. But if they didnt need it I dont want to go snatching of the mum.

I am thinking maybe there is something amiss with the genetics of our flock. So we are buying some new ewes and hoping things start working out better for us. Will update with pictures when we get them on the weekend.

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