Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sick little lambie

Finally we have a lamb, after losing every single one last round.

But this lamb was not well from birth, after a few hours it was still not standing. Poor mum was worried but she was an excellent mum and stood by her baby coaxing it to stand, please stand, please stand is what I am sure her sheep talk was saying. Begging willing her little baby to life. Can lambs be born preemie?

I couldn't stand by and watch this little gorgeous girl go. So we stepped in picked up bub to help and mum followed, she followed the entire length of the paddock, through the gate, through our verandah into our house yard. Twice a day she stood by her bub while I supplemented its milk.

After a week she was doing really well. It was starting to get harder to catch her and hold her while I fed her. So we popped them back with the other sheep. Another week on and this little lamb can run the entire length of the paddock with mum.

This little lamb is most definately not going to end up on the dinner table


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