Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Moving to town

Recently we have moved to town.  We had to sell the property for a number of reasons.  I will miss a lot of things about the property but unfortunately selling was the right thing to do at this point in time.  We are now renting a nice house in town.

Moving to town has been difficult, we have had to sell our animals and alpacas and they are sorely missed.  Our daughters were born in our old house and I developed Immali corn and a few other varieties of vegetables there.  It has a lot of memories and moving was far more difficult than I thought it would be.
In our last few days someone stole our firewood and someone else broke into the mud brick house and cut/took the antenna cables (yet didn't steal anything).  We know who did both of these things but unfortunately can do little about it.  That made moving even harder and more emotional.  I have been praying that I can forgive them, yet I find this very difficult.
Babington's leek bulbils
Babington's leek flowering after the move
We have also been very lucky, we asked our new landlord if we could keep two guinea pigs and he allowed us to keep them.  This has made the transition far easier for the kids and they often sit outside holding and patting the guinea pigs.  I think guinea pigs are amazing little animals and very under-appreciated pets.  I should write a post on guinea pigs at some point.

We also asked if we could keep some chickens and the landlord graciously agreed.  I truly appreciate being allowed to keep them.  This has been great as we still have eggs.  It has been many years since we have had to buy eggs and I dread the thought of that ever having to buy them again.  I don't have a rooster so will not be hatching any eggs in the immediate future.
Araucana cross and silkie cross chickens
We took our last two sheep to the butcher and they are now in the freezer so we will not have to buy meat for some time.  I doubt we will be growing our own meat here in any way.  Perhaps I will get some quail or be able to set up a small aquaponics system and raise some edible fish when we move next.

This rental house is very nice and the street is pleasantly quiet, but it does not have a vegetable garden.  I don't understand how people grow food without a vegetable garden.  I am at a loss here.  I guess they pay someone else to grow all their food and simply buy it from a supermarket?  That seems odd to me.  There are so many things that I like to eat which I can not get from a store, other vegetables are so much better fresh.  What I would give for even a tiny plot.  They are a bit precious about grass here so I can only grow things in pots which I have to keep on concrete or pavers in fear of damaging the lawn.
Vegetables but no land in which to plant them
The same vegetables from the other end
Duck potatoes, they grow well in a bucket
I dug up some of most types of vegetables/herbs and brought them here with us.  I could not take many of each, just enough to start again.  Some things do well in containers, others do not.  Many plants have died in the move and many more are looking weak.  I hope that we get to move somewhere with a vegetable garden before many more things start to die.
Micro Tomatoes - unfortunately not all survived the move
Chilli seedlings from rare imported seeds
When I get set up somewhere with a vegetable garden I plan to grow and sell vegetables and seeds again.  I miss having a garden.  I may have some Babington's Leeks and perhaps some other things things for sale soon but can't get too serious or have too many spare plants when growing in pots.  When I do start to sell vegetables again I will list them on my For Sale page.


  1. Someone broke in to your house and you know who it was? Did you tell the police? The Damo I know would have gone to their house and killed them...

  2. Hahaha, no, I am not allowed to kill anyone. Yes we told the police, but there is little they can do as it is impossible to prove that they took our wood etc as the fire wood does not have serial numbers or other identifiers. It must be just as frustrating for the police as it is for us.

    I find it annoying as there was no need for either of these people to steal from me, had they asked I would have helped them. They would have still got what they wanted without doing the wrong thing by anyone.

    I did not have time to cut more fire wood, but I did have trees/branches down and had anyone asked I would have let them go out and cut wood. They could have even used my chain saw and axe if they absolutely had to.

    The person who broke into the house and cut off the antenna is from a highly respected family in town and I have been warned by several people not to peruse the matter or his family will make life difficult for my family. Again if he was hard up and needed money I could have helped. As we were moving I left most of the vegetables behind and I doubt the new owner has looked after them. I could have dug them up and given them to him and he could have sold them to easily make money that way. I could have written some descriptions etc and he could sell them on ebay or something. No need to steal from me or anyone else.

    I guess it is fairly indicative of the kind of people they are.

  3. They are from a "highly respected family" and you have been warned not to pursue it or they will make things hard for your family? You sure have changed. To the old Damo this would have been like a red rag to a bull. I say you go show that rich fool why people don't steal from you. Go and tear off his front door and hit him with it, you know you want to.

  4. I am not sure who this is, but yes I have changed. I would prefer to try and forgive rather than make them regret crossing me. As I said, they did not need to steal from me. I would have helped them had they asked.