Saturday, 19 December 2015

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Australia

After moving twice in a year, plus the birth of my youngest son, I was not selling many vegetables or seeds for a while but have gotten back into it.  All of the perennial vegetables for sale that I currently have are listed on my For Sale page.  I am adding some new perennial vegetables and herbs there.

I have had a few people ask me where to buy seeds or they have asked my opinion of different companies so I thought I would write a post about some of them.  Some of these companies have bought seeds from me in the past, some I have bought seeds from, others I have heard about from other people.  I have probably forgotten to include some, if I remember them I will try to add them later.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies and that the views expressed are based on my personal experiences.  I am in no way liable if they do not live up to expectations.  This is based on past experiences and they may or may not treat you better or worse than they have done to me in the past.

Inspirations seeds
Range:  Extensive range of rare heirloom beans and other vegetables
Based:  Tasmania
Prices:  Reasonably high, but they are well worth it.  Postage is free which helps to lower the overall price
Seed numbers:  Good
Service:  Excellent, possibly the best service I have ever had.

Useful seeds
Range:  Limited (for now, but increasing) but what he does have are rather rare and/or amazing
Based:  VIC Australia
Prices:  Reasonably high, but you can not buy many of these varieties anywhere else and the quality is excellent so the high prices are more than justified
Seed numbers:  Good
Service: no idea as I have never bought from him but I know him and he is a good guy.  He has given me seeds in the past and they were of very high quality.  I assume he would provide excellent service as he loves what he does

The Seed Collection
Range: good, nothing particularly rare
Based:  VIC Australia
Prices:  Low to very low prices, but you get what you pay for
Seed Numbers:  Great
Service:  Good.  Germination rates can be rather variable, seed quality is sometimes very low and many seeds are crossed and do not grow to type.

The Dwarf Tomato Project  
Range: small range of newly bred, various colours, dwarf tomatoes
Based: Australia
Prices: Low prices, they are simply trying to recover costs instead of make a profit.  They have given their seeds to some seed companies who sell them for almost triple the price of the Dwarf Tomato Project
Seed Numbers: Good
Service: Excellent, Patrina bred many of these varieties and wants them to be more popular.  She is willing to answer questions and offer advice.

Range:  Good, some rare things
Based:  VIC Australia
Prices:  Variable, some things are too expensive for what they are
Seed Numbers:  Good
Service:  Good

Range:  Great
Based:  QLD Australia
Prices:  Good
Seed Number:  Good
Service:  Good

Range:  Great, they sell seeds, plants and other garden products
Based:  QLD Australia
Prices:  Good but postage is high
Seed Number:  Good
Service:  Great

Phoenix Seeds
Range:  Great, some very interesting and rare varieties
Based:  Tasmania
Prices:  Good but postage is high
Seed Number:  Varies
Service:  Variable, sometimes good sometimes unresponsive

Diggers club
Range:  Great, they claim to be interested in saving rare varieties but they often rename things to make them more marketable.  They also make erroneous claims of exclusivity to appear better than they are.  Descriptions of varieties are often fanciful and embellished
Based:  VIC Australia
Prices:  High to extremely high, postage cost is unreasonable for smaller orders
Seed Number:  Often extremely low, but it does vary
Service:  Really Dreadful.  I try not to buy from them.  They have sold me out of date seeds as well as bulbs covered in mould and then tried to blame me when they failed to sprout!  They have also sent the wrong seeds and getting replacements or refund from them was a nightmare.  They have sent me seeds that were not isolated as they were hopelessly crossed.  Hopefully this changes as they are one of the best known heirloom seed sellers in Australia

Range:  Only sell chilli and capsicums, they have a great range of these.  Some they have bred themselves
Based:  America - only some species are allowable imports into Australia so please check AQIS BICON database prior to ordering
Prices:  Great with free postage to Australia!
Seed Number:  Good, extra seeds in each pack
Service:  Great, they even include extra seed packets in each order

Range:  Varies from time to time.  Beware: many seeds listed don't exist
Based:  All over the world
Prices:  Varies a lot
Seed Number:  Varies a lot
Service:  Varies.  Beware that many seeds sold on Ebay are for things that do not even exist (such as multi coloured blue roses and black strawberries) and they are stealing from you.  You will get seeds, but by the time you grow them and work out what has happened it will be too late to get back your money.  I have also bought some great seeds from excellent sellers through Ebay.  Please do your research prior to ordering anything from Ebay to ensure what you are buying actually exists.


  1. Thought I should let you know, I just bought some packets of seed from The Seed Collection. They didn't have extra seeds in the packets or give any extra packets of seeds. I don't think that they do that anymore.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for letting me know, I have up[dated the list to reflect this.