Saturday, 15 July 2017

Space Chilli yield per plant

In 2016 I planted Hangjiao #5 Space Chilli Helix Nebula seed in early spring.  Much like my aji pineapple the seedlings grew well, then they died from heat/neglect so had to be replanted.

Unfortunately I did not record the date I planted seed the last time as it was so late in the season that I did not expect to get any ripe pods this year and had planned to overwinter before I would get to try them.  Luckily that was not the case, it really had no issues flowering and fruiting in the time it had left.

Much like the aji pineapple I could not count the pods on the plants, so I counted and recorded the number of ripe pods as I picked them.  I started to harvest ripe fruits from early March and this continued until May when the plants were getting hit with  regular frosts..

On average, space chilli pods weighed between 24 grams and 25 grams each.  They were pretty uniform in weight but differed in twisty shapes.

I harvested 53 ripe pods from one plant before the frosts really hit.  It had a number of unripe pods, some of which ripened later, but I didn't count them.

This meant that for a first year, extremely late planted, seed grown plant I harvested over 1.29 kg of ripe pods.
Hanjiao #5 Space Chilli were very productive

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