Friday, 29 September 2017

Basil comparison

Last summer I trialed some different basil (Ocimum basilicum) varieties.  The seeds were all planted on the same day, once they germinated and grew a little the seedlings were all planted out on the same day.  The difference in growth was rather amazing.  I should have put something in the pictures for scale but didn't.

I also grew a few other basils, but they were not part of this comparison, or the seeds were planted at a different time, or they were grown from cuttings, so I have not included them here.

Lettuce Leaf 185
I liked this one, good taste, nice basil smell, nice large leaf, productive.  I should grow this one again.

Good taste, good size leaf, not productive enough for my liking.

Usbekistan 146
The purple splodge looked nice, but they were not very productive and smelled too much like licorice for my liking.

This was ok, slow to produce well

Dwarf Greek Basil
Strangely productive for a little plant, flowered very late, tiny little leaves, great taste.

Lettuce leaf 180
Not very large leaves for a 'lettuce leaf' type.  Flowered too early.

Grand Vert de Genes
Already flowering in this picture.  Too much work trying to remove flowers.

Not productive, look how tiny it was.  I probably won't grow this one again.

Grew larger than greek dwarf.  Very productive with little leaves.  Great taste.

Large plants, very productive, great taste, large leaves.  I like this, it is the benchmark that I compare all other basil to.

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