Monday, 23 October 2017

Blue pampas grass seeds

Pampas grass is a bit of a weed in Australia, I would not recommend that anyone buy or grow it.  If you do grow it, first make sure that it is allowed in your state or territory, secondly NEVER buy seeds from ebay.

Below are some pictures of actual ebay listings for pampas grass seeds.  While they look great they DON'T actually exist and you will be funding ebay thieves.

When buying fake seeds from ebay thieves you will be sent some kind of seeds, but they will not grow into anything that looks like these pictures.  You may be send pampas grass seed, or you may be sent any random seeds that the thieves have on hand.  By the time you grow them out and realise that you have been stolen from months or years will have passed and it is too late to do anything.

Blue pampas grass
Blue pampas grass does not exist.  The colours have been digitally altered.  The second picture has been altered, but to make matters worse it is not even a picture of pampas grass!

Blue pampas grass does NOT exist
This was listed on ebay as blue pampas grass seeds.  This isn't even pampas grass!!!
Green and Yellow pampas grass
Q: Why not grow yellow and green pampas grass?  A: because it does not exist.  These bay thieves have used the first blue pampas grass picture above, but instead of clicking blue they made it yellow and green.

Where have I seen this picture before (hint: above in blue)
Bonsai pampas grass
Firstly, look at the size of these plants, they are huge, clearly not bonsai.  Secondly and more importantly most of these colours don't exist.  If anyone lists this please don't buy anything from them.  You won't get what you paid for.
Bonsai pampas grass does NOT exist
Mixed pampas grass
Mixed any seeds are a bad idea if some of the pictures don't exist.  Some of these pictures are the same picture with the colours altered (pink, purple, the bottom left), which means that the seller is happy to deceive you.  Who knows if you will even get pampas grass seeds?  The top right hand picture, the green one, is the same as the first blue one I showed you.  Please don't fund ebay thieves.
Mixed pampas grass, these colours do NOT exist
Purple pampas grass
Purple pampas grass does not exist.  It doesn't matter how much you like the look of it, it doesn't matter how cheap they are, it doesn't matter that it has free postage, or that it is a bargain, or that the seller has 100% positive rating, or anything else, they don't exist so you should not buy seeds of them and you should never buy any other seeds from anyone who sells them.
Purple pampas grass does NOT exist
Red pampas grass
Red pampas grass does not exist.  Don't buy fake ebay seeds.  Don't fund criminals.
Red pampas grass does NOT exist
Multicoloured pampas grass
While this looks great, it doesn't exist.  I think this picture was not made for fake ads, but somewhere a thief saw it and copied it.  Don't buy seeds of these.
Multicoloured pampas grass does NOT exist
Wholesale pampas grass seeds
These don't even look real, but they still trick people.  Most of these colours do NOT exist, most of these are the same pictures with the colours altered.  Anywhere that has the same picture with different colours is an ad made by thieves.  Don't buy anything from them.
Wholesale pampas grass, most of these coulours do NOT exist

I have written a few other posts of ebay seeds that don't exist.  I have labelled them with "things that don't exist" on the right hand side of the page so they will be easy to find.  Please do some research before buying seeds to ensure that they exist.


  1. How do you find out what plants are real?i know some one that cross pollinated Lillie’s to make new flowers so how do tell?

  2. Where is areputatable place to research actual plant variations?

  3. Hi Amy,

    it can be very difficult to tell if plants are real or not. I have written a few blog posts and put in pictures of many seeds for sale on ebay that don't exist, and I hope that they help prevent people being taken advantage of, but there are so many more fakes that I haven't seen.

    There is a saying which says that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably isn't. Unfortunately that saying is completely useless when it comes to plants. Most of the vegetables I grow and sell sound too good to be true. That is partly why these ebay thieves irritate me so much.

    Do some research to see if things exist before buying one. Quite often a minute or two on google will show you that it doesn't exist. If something listed has clearly been photoshopped then never buy anything from that seller. If the photo does not match the description, such as pictures of mulberries and an add for giant blackberries, then never buy anything from that seller. If someone is selling any seeds of something that doesn't exist then never buy anything from them. If someone has the same picture for several different listings but has photoshopped different colours, never buy anything from them. If anyone is selling orchid seeds then never buy anything from them.

    Even if an ebay seller is offering seeds of something that does exist you have no way of knowing if they will send them to you or if they will send some other seeds. By the time you find out it is too late to do anything about it.

    All I can say is I wish you well. There are so many thieves out there.